Welcome to Lonesome Dove Guest Ranch

Customer Reviews:

"Hal --

What a wonderful evening!  You and Sharron are special, and you blessed us with your friendship, your home, and your company.

"A memorable evening was spent at the Lonesome Dove Ranch, south of Kalispell. Dawn, my brother Ron, and his wife Kathleen went there in the early afternoon for a horseback trail ride. The rest of us drove over later to join them for dinner at the ranch.

The owners & hosts, Hal and Sharron Butler, couldn't have been more welcoming and gracious. Hal and I shared a common bond: we both were in submarines. Hal and Mike shared a common bond: they both were Marines. As it turns out, Hal had been in the Navy as a Torpedoman in diesel submarines, then joined the Marine Corps as a sharpshooter and sniper, and then was a police sergeant with Los Angeles PD. Fascinating guy.

Dinner was delicious: roast beef flavored with Hal's special "Deep Pit Seasoning" (I bought two bottles...), mashed potatoes, corn, with rhubarb/apple pie for dessert (Sharron gave us a whole pie to take home...) Yum!

Entertainment was provided by an engaging and charming couple, Terry and Judy Fosbery. Judy is a talented fiddle player, and plays the Mandolin, as well. Terry is both an excellent guitar player and an American History teacher who uses stories in his lessons. Judy and Terry are genuine Montana natives: their families have been in Montana since the 1800s. Throughout the dinner, the ten of us were regaled with fascinating and fun tales of Montana's history, interspersed with toe-tapping country/western/bluegrass songs & music. All around the table, we were beaming with joy -- the music, the singing, the stories, the company, the dinner, and our delightful hosts.

Such a festive evening, set in a genuine ranch house in Montana's beautiful Flathead Valley. We are so blessed."

~Steve B"


"If you enjoy the great outdoors from the back of a horse, you will enjoy the view seen in the hills around the Lonesome Dove Guest Ranch. Not only do they have horseback riding, but if you would like, they also have cowboy-style dining. For those who like a bed-and-breakfast, there are two rooms done in a Western-style motif. I highly recommend spending some time on the ranch." -Montana Trail Ride